Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers help set the tone for the compassionate care our patients and families receive. An integral part of the Houston Hospice team, volunteers serve our patients and families with caring expertise. Volunteer Application

Types of Volunteers

Patient Care Volunteers
Volunteers may choose to work with patients and families in our inpatient care center, in patients' homes, and in assisted living facilities. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, sitting with patients, translating, making phone calls, and running errands. Volunteers interested in direct patient and family assistance must complete a 25-hour volunteer training course.

Veteran Volunteers
Houston Hospice participates in the "We Honor Veterans" program, an innovative model for serving Veterans at the end of life - the Veteran-to-Veteran (Vet-to-Vet) Volunteer Program. The Vet-to-Vet Volunteer Program aims to pair Veteran Volunteers with hospice patients who have been identified as Veterans. Once paired with hospice patients who also have military experience, Veteran Volunteers have the unique ability to relate and connect with Veteran patients and their families.

Non-Patient Care Volunteers
Volunteers may choose to serve in non-patient assistance efforts. These services include, but are not limited to office help, participating in fundraising events and representing Houston Hospice at health fairs. 

Veteran Non-Patient Care Volunteers
Veterans may also serve in non-patient care by attending veterans' events with our Community Outreach staff. Our Community Outreach efforts inform the public of the nonprofit services available for patients and their loved ones.  


Completion of a 25-hour training series is required of all patient care volunteers (those who work directly with patients and their loved ones). These training series are held three times yearly at either our Texas Medical Center site or in the El Campo and Richmond areas. A shorter course of training is provided for non-patient care volunteers.

Our extensive training prepares volunteers for the challenges of working with terminally ill patients and their families. Topics include listening skills, grief and loss, the medical aspects of end-of-life, and the psychosocial and spiritual aspects of care. Hospice volunteers are required to provide a calm, caring presence during challenging situations and we believe our training helps develop these skills.

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